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My first email to her was titled, “You’re an Inspiration” . . . 

I’m a person who thrives on community, and as soon as I started my photography journey I knew that I would be searching for my community. And while online communities are helpful and convenient, I really crave that in person experience that can be much harder to find online. 

I found Amy through a mutual friend’s gender reveal photos. I read her blog on her thoughts after being in business for her first year, and I almost fell off my chair. She started her business around the same time as I started mine. And she seemed to be killing it. I started asking myself why wasn’t I as good and successful as she was?  How could I get from where I was at that point to there?  (Comparison truly is the thief of joy.) But I kept reminding myself that we all have our own journeys.  I was completely honest with her and told her all of this, as well as letting her know that I thought that her work was incredible and how much admiration that I had for her. I told her that I really wanted to connect with other photographers and mompreneurs.  That I kept hearing about community over competition and I was seeking that in my own life. And so, as if I were asking her on a first date, I asked if she would be willing to have coffee or dinner with me, to connect, trade stories, and if she was willing to share some of her knowledge with me. And to my surprise, she not only said yes, she told me which days would work for her, and then even got a babysitter, because her husband was on travel, so that she could meet me for dinner.

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Getting to know Amy has been even more of a blessing than I had imagined. In addition to her photography business, she started Moms Who Rule the World, a community, blog and podcast “for Moms in between ruling the world and losing their shit.” And let’s face it, I don’t want to speak for all moms out there, but I think we’ve all been there and some of us live in that state between ruling the world and losing our shit. (I live there.) Moms Who Rule the World tells real stories of motherhood. The things we may be ashamed to talk about, the really hard stuff, like postpartum depression, anal fissures and how the heck to get your toddler to eat vegetables.

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And I’m so excited to announce that today on the podcast, that’s me that Amy’s interviewing! I asked Amy how I could contribute to Moms Who Rule the World, how I could help her grow this amazing thing that she started, and she said to write about whatever was on my heart. So after a month or so of mulling it over, I finally sat down and wrote about what it’s like to have two under two, the daily challenges and letting go of so many expectations that I have for myself. She loved it and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed on the podcast and of course I said YES!

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If you want to hear what it was like for me, having two under two, or any of the other challenges of motherhood that Amy and her guests have addressed, please check out Moms Who Rule the World. You will not regret joining this amazing community of moms who lift each other up and tell it like it is. 

Check out the podcast episode here – 


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