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Thankful Hearts & Family Fun | Severna Park, Maryland

Lizzie first contacted me last year for a Christmas Tree farm photo session. She was a little concerned that her oldest, Pierson, was not a fan of being in front of the camera. I assured her that we would work at his pace and just have some fun. Well, Pierson and his little brother, Harry, and I became fast friends as we played peekaboo behind the trees. I was thrilled when Lizzie, Patrick, Pierson and Harry decided to come back for another Christmas Tree Farm session this year and felt honored when Lizzie asked if I would document her extended family when they came to visit from Florida for Thanksgiving.

Though it was warm for a late November weekend here in Maryland, it was a little chilly for Sofi and Luca, so photos of everyone sitting or standing still and feeling cozy were a challenge! But if you know me as a photographer, you know that I prefer children to be moving anyway, so we quickly started playing.

Severna Park Maryland Family Photographer.jpg

Tossing leaves on Bubba and Bubbie was such a hit, that the kids took turns being showered in leaves too! A game of ring around the rosy and some time on the swings really filled family time with joy.

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But the highlight of our time together was when we decided to put half of the family members on other’s shoulders. I imagined the kids going up on shoulders but had not imagined that Michael (Bubba) would be putting Bonnie (Bubbie) on his shoulders! And, of course, Bonnie felt that a 2020 photo session wouldn’t be complete without a masked photo for her Christmas card. I decided it would be even better if I asked Bonnie and Michael to kiss while masked up!

Severna Park Maryland Lifestyle Family Photography.jpg

Lizzie, Patrick, Leah, Axel, Bonnie and Michael – Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your memories and your family moments this holiday season. Sofi, Luka, Pierson and Harry – thank you for letting me come play! It was beautiful to see the family connection that spans many miles and I loved spending time with you all.

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