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Sweet Baptism in Southern Maryland

That cool fall weather set in quickly here in Maryland, but no one was complaining on a sunny Sunday with a cool breeze as James William Largen was baptized by the Reverend Dr. Peter M. Antoci, at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Parish in Prince George’s County.

This year has thrown everyone so many curveballs. When Jennifer asked me to document James’s baptism, she told me that she was determined to document every moment this year. James is the youngest of the five Largen children, and Jennifer doesn’t want to forget one moment. And 2020 has been such a challenge, that she is determined to embrace the joy and remember the important moments.

We were blessed with a beautiful day, which was truly a God send as the ceremony had to be held outside of the church due to COVID and the number of people that were attending. James was surrounded by his godparents, his grandparents and great grandmother as he was welcomed into the faith and the church community. He is so loved, and that was very apparent by glancing around at the smiling faces beaming at him as he tested the water. He seemed only slightly surprised when the water was then poured gently over his head and he was anointed with chrism oil.

Prince George's County Maryland Baptism Photos.jpg

southern Maryland baptism photographer.jpg

After the ceremony, James’s family was allowed to view the beauty of the inside of St. Thomas. The church was built between 1743 to 1745, designed and constructed in the English Georgian “auditory” style. Paved in brick, you can almost feel the history as you walk down the narrow path between the pews. Godparents, grandparents, parents and siblings all took their turn having their photos captured with the newly baptized James, and afterwards headed back to the Largen home for well spent family time.

Upper Marlboro Maryland baptism photos.jpg

Hughesville Maryland baptism photography.jpg

Jennifer and Jeremy, thank you for inviting me to document James’s day. I hope these photos are a symbol of the love your family has, and a reminder of the blessings that a challenging year has held.

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