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Joy, Laughter and All the Love | In Home Family Photos, Alexandria, Virginia

This beautiful family has been coming to me to document their photos since I started capturing family photography 5 years ago. The joy I experience watching these girls grow is hard to describe. The joy I see reflected back when they see me . . . well, let’s just say it makes me want to be this spectacular fun person that they seem to see!

I’ve known Lizz for a long time . . . (let’s just say that we hit one of those milestone high school reunion years this year that might make us feel old). As we do with so many of those that come into our lives, we didn’t stay in touch all of this time, but I am so grateful that we reconnected in recent years.  Being moms, raising these wonderful little humans, has brought us close, and I consider her a friend and a confidante that I can relate to about all things motherhood, being a woman in today’s world and raising our babies in a time where the challenges are so different (though in some ways, I am sure, the same) from those our parents faced raising us. 

Throughout these years that the Aviles family has given me the honor of taking their photos, we’ve done family sessions at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, and multiple beach family photo sessions in Ocean City, Maryland. This year, they decided to capture their family moments at their family home in northern Virginia. If you’re familiar with my photography, or have spoken to me about photo sessions, you may know that your family home is my favorite place to capture family photos and this session did not disappoint. 

The football game could remain on in the background, and there was a variety of settings that all reflected both the place and the way that Lizz and Richard are raising these two beautiful girls. 

Bella and Natalie were clearly comfortable capturing photos in their own home, and were happy to show me their rooms, their playroom and all of the things at home that are unique to them. They were extra silly and extra energetic, and we were still able to enjoy the snuggles, the secret giggles and the quieter moments of reading together. 

Having not yet done an in home session for Lizz and Richard, I had not had the opportunity to capture their sweet 15 year old dachshund, Cupid. I loved including him in a few family photos as well as documenting his sweet relationship with Lizz, who I could tell he just adored. 

No Capture Sweet Moments at home family photo session is complete without enjoying the backyard playset, letting the kids be kids and documenting the natural joys of childhood.    

Watching these girls grow and witnessing the love that this family shares is truly an honor and a privilege. Thank you, Lizz, Richard, Bella and Natalie for welcoming me into your home, for always welcoming me into your family, and for giving me the joy that comes from documenting your unconditional love and family moments.

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