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Welcome to the World, Isla Marie | Pasadena, Maryland

Baby Isla Marie was nice and cozy in mama’s tummy and was not eager to enter this cold Maryland February, and who could blame her! Isla made her debut on Presidents Day, February 15th, 2021 at 12:23pm, a few days after her due date, and weighed in at 7lbs 11oz, measuring 19.25”. As predicted, she is a firecracker just like her mama, giving her mama the side eye as soon as she was placed on her chest. I was so happy to meet her and to see Jen and Will again, to capture in home lifestyle newborn photos at their Pasadena, Maryland home.


Isla didn’t hesitate to let us know if she was displeased with what we were doing, but was all about the snuggles from mom and kisses from dad. We also found that the way to her heart is through her stomach (I mean, it’s the same for me so I cannot fault her for that). We spent time snuggling in the master bedroom, enjoyed a bottle and attempted a few photos in her bassinet (she much prefers the LoveSac or mommy and daddy’s memory foam bed).


We then spent time rocking in the nursery, which is adorably decorated with Super Mario Bros decor. Will had deliberately placed Princess Peach in the front of the racing karts, because we know that Princess Isla will be winning all the races. I spied one of my favorite children’s books, “On the Night You Were Born,” and Jen said that she had already read it to sweet Isla. I know that Jen will know the words by heart at some point and will probably cry as she is reading it to her at least once or twice (just speaking from experience). Jen got a little emotional as she rocked her baby girl and thought about how quickly these days are going to go by. These first few days, and many years to come, are going to be so full of emotion for her and it was a joy and a blessing to witness how much love she feels for Isla Marie.



As you may remember from their maternity session, Jen and Will met in Monterey, California. They also had their wedding there and when determining the theme of their wedding, they decided on everything that Monterey was about: beaches, succulents and peacocks! So Jen got the most adorable peacock printed swaddle and bow for Isla, a robe for herself and t-shirt for daddy and we were sure to get a few family photos in them. Isla also has the most adorable stuffed succulent, a gift from her Aunt Caroline.


The dogs weren’t sure to make of their new little sister but were very amiable and willing to be the focus of a couple of photos themselves. At the end of the session, we grabbed a couple of photos outside in the snow (it’s somewhat rare for us here in Maryland) and the fresh air was good for everyone.


Jen & Will, I know that Isla Marie is already your everything. She is loved and adored by mama, and is absolutely daddy’s girl. Isla Marie, you already seem to know what you want in life and you aren’t hesitant to let everyone know it. You are so loved and so lucky to have such an incredible mom and dad. I cannot wait to watch you grow and watch your mama and daddy grow as parents.

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