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Last Days as a Family of 3 (plus 2 Furbabies) | Washington, D.C.

I have been blessed to call Meredith a friend for a long time, and even though we sometimes go months without catching up with one another, every time we talk, I find out more and more how grateful I am that she is a part of my life. I’ve watched this woman handle both life’s struggles and triumphs with such grace. She shows leadership and intelligence in every interaction. I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to be a witness to both the hard times and the joy in her life. So when she sent me a message this summer that she was due with a baby girl in September, I was both excited and honored that she asked me to capture some moments of her family before they became a family of 4, (plus 2 doggies, who were their first babies).

Since the very first time I did photos for Mere & Fabrice, they embraced the idea of doing their family photos at their home in Washington, D.C. Their sweet dogs (they had three at the time), their fur babies, are very important to them and including them was easiest if we did their photos at home. And as their family grows, we find it even more important to keep things easy, and their home is where they are raising their family and making their memories, so it makes the perfect backdrop.

I had the privilege of photographing their family when Meredith was pregnant with their first, Daniel, the honor of documenting him as a newborn and a one year old, and now I just cannot believe how much this boy has grown and how his personality has blossomed. Even though I hadn’t seen him in nearly 2 years (thanks COVID), Daniel and I were fast friends. He had me smiling the entire time I was with him, as his happiness is just that contagious.

(Daniel, pretend to go to sleep . . .)

(Daniel, pretend to go to sleep . . .)

When Mere introduced me to Fabrice, I could tell that she had found her partner, someone who admires and supports her and who she does the same for. It has been wonderful to see her happiness, and a joy to get to know Fabrice over the years. Fabrice is a doting father, a true family man who adores Meredith and Daniel, and who would do absolutely anything for their dogs, Frederick and Sandy. I admire the devotion he shows to all of his family, and am so glad that he and Meredith found one another.

Playing with this family always means laughs, watching lots of snuggles and seeing the love in each of their eyes as they watch each other play. Being able to witness and document as they prepare to add a sweet baby girl into their family was truly a joy. Daniel may not yet understand what it is going to mean to share his mommy and daddy with a sibling, but I can tell he will be the best big brother and will adore his new little sister.

Mere & Fabrice, thank you for giving me the honor of documenting these moments and milestones in your lives. It’s an honor to witness these days, to watch your love and devotion to one another and your family, and to be able to call you my friends. Daniel, thank you for being such a joy to be around, for allowing me to document your childhood moments and for making me smile so much.

And, as I write this, little sister has decided to make her way into the world a few weeks early (she’s a girl who knows when she is ready). My wish for her is that she inherits all of the confidence of her mother, the devotion of her father and brings the same joy into every moment that her brother does. I cannot wait to meet her.

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