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Welcome to the World, James Alan | In Home Newborn

When your due date comes and goes without baby making his debut, you can feel so ready and yet so unprepared at the same time. That’s how Heather felt when I checked in with her a few days after baby James was due. But a day later, on November 3rd, James Alan arrived, and we captured some sweet newborn photos at their home in Pasadena, Maryland when James was just a week old.

Big sister Addison was not sure how she felt about sharing mom and dad, but she seemed happy to see me, maybe remembering all the fun of our maternity session at Downs Park that we had done just over a month earlier. We started on mom and dad’s bed, with snuggles and giggles and maybe a few fruit snacks for the new big sister. I watched Addison as she expressed curiosity in little brothers toes, as both she and the furry family members adjusted to sharing the love and attention, and it was truly a beautiful connection to watch unfold.

What better way to celebrate a new family member than with a tea party! Addy has the perfect little tea set to share a cup of tea with mom and dad. She celebrated with sips of tea and cheers to baby brother!

After our tea party, Adam took a few moments to gaze upon his newborn son. Holding James in his hands, I am certain he can imagine all of the things he will teach his baby boy and all of the joys that are to come.

We wandered into James’s room to document all of the sweet newborn details, baby toes and the soft hair on his little head. Addison read him a story while he rested in his crib.

But of course, he would rather be cozy in his mama’s arms and so Heather wrapped him up and cuddled him close. We made our way into the living room, where more books were enjoyed and more treats were enjoyed after Addison showed what a big girl she was using the potty.

Heather and Adam, thank you for giving me the honor of documenting this time in your life. It is truly special to watch your family grow and I hope to continue to watch Addison and James grow, as little individuals and as loving siblings. You have a beautiful family and I hope for James’s first holiday to be filled with beautiful memories.

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