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Sweet Baby Theo | Millersville, MD

family of 4 sitting on bed, dad kissing newborn

Sweet Theo John was born on April 24th at 5:41am, weighing in at 5 lbs 15 oz and measuring 18.5 inches. When Carly and I first talked about maternity and newborn photos, she had told me that she was due June 2 but that baby Maeva, her first baby, came at 37 weeks and so she expected this baby to be here around Mother’s Day. Carly and Matt were not prepared for what their second child had in store for them . . .

In her third trimester, Carly and Matt were told that this was a high-risk pregnancy. They weren’t completely surprised, but when they got an actual diagnosis, it felt more serious than they had anticipated. The night that Carly went into labor, big sister Maeva was restless and had a lot of trouble sleeping. She must have sensed that her little family was about to change! When they went to the hospital in the middle of the night, Carly said it felt like a scene from Grey’s Anatomy with people rushing around to assist; it felt a little hectic, scary and she and Matt were quickly told that they were prepping the operating room and that their baby boy would be here soon.

baby boy laying on blanket

Carly and Matt have been so honest in sharing how difficult it has been to not have what some might consider the picture perfect pregnancy. They want other parents who are experiencing high risk pregnancies and scares to know that they are not alone. Their hardest struggle was yet to come though, when their sweet baby boy was born at 34 weeks and rushed off to the NICU. Struggling through the immediate separation from their baby and then going home without him was so hard. Going home was bittersweet because Carly missed her sweet little Maeva, and she couldn’t wait to bring her baby boy home all at the same time. Well after 18 days, they finally got to bring him home and have both of their babies in the same place.

toddler girl and baby boy lay together

As Matt, Carly, Maeva and Theo settled into life as a family of 4 at home, we took the time to document their love and joy. With the movie Moana playing in the background, we played and chatted, and caught up on Theo’s birth story.

There were lots of newborn snuggles to be had, and climbing and playing and snacking to be had by Maeva.

dad holding newborn baby boy

It was beautiful to see how happy this sweet family was after all that they had been through in the past few weeks. And it was clear how much Carly, Matt and Maeva adore their sweet little Theo.

family of four with newborn baby boy, mom holds baby boy

mom holding swaddled newborn baby boy

One of the things I love about spending time with Carly and Matt is how it only takes something small from Matt to make Carly laugh. A word, a small gesture, and Carly is filled with joy. The love they share is so special and it wraps the whole family, and those around them, in warmth.

mom and dad holding newborn baby boy and laughing

I know there are lots of days filled with snuggles, naps and play ahead.

family of four snuggling with toddler girl and newborn baby boy

Carly and Matt, thank you for inviting me into your home and into your lives to document this wonderful milestone for you. Congratulations on your sweet baby boy. I cannot wait to watch both Maeva and Theo grow, and watch the love your family shares continue to blossom.

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