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Capturing Our Family Life | Washington, D.C.

Meredith and Fabrice have been inviting me into their home in Washington, D.C. to capture their family photos for years, and it’s been an honor to watch as their family has grown and changed over those years. From the days of their first maternity session with their 3 rescue pups to their life as parents of two, every photo session has been about capturing life as it really is, in an environment that is comfortable for the whole family.

When I arrived at their house for photos, Daniel and Natalia were in a playful mood. We headed to their sunroom, a new addition on their home that makes a bright and beautiful place to play or to have a dance party.

They have wonderful nooks to hang out and read or tuck yourself into a cabinet if you’d like!

We took the time for an outfit change so that we could have a pajama party in a set of adorable monogramed pjs. Snuggles, tickles, jumping on the bed and hanging out upside down all make for an afternoon well spent as a family. Sandy, the family fur baby, tolerated the craziness and got a few snuggles too.

As Natalia began to wear out, we headed to Daniel’s room and snuggled in front of a classic Christmas movie. There were lots of sweet snuggles to be had. It’s truly a beautiful thing to watch a family cuddle up and just love on their children as the kiddos wind down.

Daniel had one last photo request. On their family trip to Italy, he had a memorable experience with a Carabinieri (Italian police), and so a photo of himself in his Carabinieri costume was required before we called it a day. He even acted out a little police action for me, arresting his dad!

Mere and Fabrice, thank you for trusting me, again, to capture these family moments with you. I always enjoy the time we spend together. You have a beautiful family and your love for one another and your children is a wonderful thing to witness and document.

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