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Celebrating Sam’s First Trip Around the Sun at Lake Anna, Virginia

Mike, Emily and Sam are an outdoor family. They will spend most fall weekends, plus a week long vacation, in their camper at various state parks and campsites. Emily’s dream job would be planning hikes and outdoor adventures for others, and the whole family longs to live somewhere they can be surrounded by more open sky, more green and air so clear that you can see all the stars at night.

When Emily asked if I would want to celebrate Sam’s first birthday at Lake Anna State Park, as well as capture some photos of their family, my answer was heck yes! There is nothing I love more than capturing a family doing what they love to do, celebrating their love while enjoying the things that they enjoy most as a family.

We did a bit of an extended session, starting with some photos on Friday evening, enjoying the sunset over the lake and walking and playing together.

Day 1.jpg

Sam played a game of Peek a Boo with the camera

Sam played a game of Peek a Boo with the camera

Saturday morning, Kelly and Olive, the family’s two golden doodles, joined us on our stroll through the woods and around the beaches. Olive was relentless in her desire to get near the water, and was hamming it up for the camera. Kelly pretended to tolerate every’s shenanigans.

Day 2.jpg

My favorite moments were back at the campsite, where everyone (dogs included) was relaxed and enjoyed the down time and leisurely pace of the weekend. And of course, we made sure to grab a few moments with just Emily and Mike, because that’s where the family’s roots start and strengthen.

Back at the Campsite.jpg

Emily, Mike and Sam (and Kelly and Olive), thank you so much for including me in this celebration and in your traditions. It was truly a joy to capture some moments with your family, and just to enjoy your company around the campsite, and I look forward to doing it again!

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