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Festive Family Fun at Downs Park in Pasadena, Maryland

I love having friends that are looking out for me and my small business. I feel incredibly blessed when a stranger posts that they are searching for a photographer, and one of my friends steps in and suggests me. That’s what happened when Katy, who runs Macaroni Kid Pasadena, posted that she was in need of a photographer. My kind friend Tiffany, another small business owner (Budding Voices), recommended me.

Conversations between me and Katy led to talks of fall family photos for her sweet little family of 5 (or 6 counting Marley!). Katy is a very busy woman with a very active family, but we fit our session in in late November, and I was thrilled to finally capture some fun at Downs Park in Pasadena, Maryland.

Last Wednesday afternoon, I met Katy, her husband Rob, her boys Lucas, Avery and Brennan, and their dog, Marley, at a windy but unseasonably warm Downs Park. We snapped a few photos overlooking the water, then went on to wander the park. I talked with each of the boys about their favorite things, and what they thought they might want Santa to bring them for Christmas.

Pasadena Maryland Family Photo Session.jpg

Family Photographer in Pasadena Maryland.jpg

We played a quick (and I mean those boys are quick!) game of red light green light, where I was educated on the wonders of blue light. How many of you knew that blue light meant break out the dance moves??

Downs Park Pasadena MD Family Photo Session.jpg

The boys did a quick shirt swap, and I got to see both their nice and their naughty sides.

Pasadena Maryland Downs Park Family Photos.jpg

Lastly, we wandered over to the dog beach, where the boys got to just be boys, throwing rocks and sticks into the water. We kept our distance from the snake, which there was some debate between Rob and Lucas as to whether we were looking at a garden snake or a water moccasin (yikes!).

When we were done, the boys got some playground time and Katy and I got to talk shop, about how we can support each other and other small businesses in the area. I feel blessed and grateful that I was recommended to Katy, that she decided to work with me, and that I continue to connect with others through this talent God gave me and this craft that I am cultivating.

If you’re in the Pasadena, Maryland area, but sure to check out the Macaroni Kid Pasadena website for all the best happenings in our area!

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