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Hillary and Matt are excitedly awaiting their first baby and they were eager to document this milestone in their lives. They were searching for classic, traditional maternity photos and they wanted a studio session, so we secured The Lightbox Studio in Annapolis, Maryland.

Sweet Love & New Life | Annapolis Maternity Session

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The first time Jen and Will visited John Downs Memorial Park in Pasadena, Maryland was for their maternity photos with me, in January of 2021. Now, Downs Park is a place they enjoy frequently. Isla, (who is still a firecracker!), takes them on baby led hikes, enjoys the playground (a lot) and is definitely a beach baby.

For sweet baby sister’s maternity photo session, we explored the meadows, enjoyed the natural beauty of Downs Park and played in the sand . . .

Our Hearts and Family Grow | Downs Park, Pasadena


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Kandace has to be one of the sweetest women I know and I feel so blessed to have met her a little over a year ago at a mom’s night out. When we made some time to hang out this summer, I was absolutely delighted when Kandace told me that she was pregnant with her second. And then I was more than honored and elated when she asked if I would consider doing her birth photography . . .

Beautiful Beach Maternity Photos in Lakeshore


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I’ve done some location scouting in my area. It starts with an internet search, creating a list, driving around to attempt to check out parks during golden hour, even doing some self portraits at these locations to test them out. I’m always looking for places with beautiful backgrounds, not too crowded and yet not too difficult to access. And yet, the truth is that my favorite location is the one that my client suggests.

The Best Locations for Family Photos

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Emily and I met while I was working for the Navy in Norfolk, Virginia. She was a Lieutenant in the Navy and a project manager when I met her, which meant she worked long, hard hours and, though I had met her briefly, I didn’t see much of her for several months. Things changed when we were both relocated to a new department and when I had to choose where to sit in a room of empty cubicles, I picked the seat right next to hers. (I’m an introvert, but a social one; I don’t like to be alone.) I am almost certain that her first thought was what is this chick thinking, she’s totally invading my space. However, we bounded over several mutual interests, including good books, a love of dogs and a distaste for being bored. 

North Point State Park Maternity Session


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