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Capturing memories and moments with families is something I just truly love to do, and when Jessica told me that she went through several websites and that she loves my style and had determined that she really wanted me for her family photos, I truly couldn’t wait to get this family of four in front of my camera . . .

Celebrating Love and First Birthdays | United States Naval Academy | Annapolis, Maryland

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If your spouse or parent is in the military or you have a close friend whose spouse is military, you know that the whole family sacrifices and serves alongside the active duty family member. This family recently faced a tough deployment (not that there is any such thing as an easy deployment!), and wanted to celebrate their reunion and acknowledge their service and hardship with a patriotic family photo session at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland . . .

To the Morgan Family, Thank You for Your Service | United States Naval Academy


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I’ve done some location scouting in my area. It starts with an internet search, creating a list, driving around to attempt to check out parks during golden hour, even doing some self portraits at these locations to test them out. I’m always looking for places with beautiful backgrounds, not too crowded and yet not too difficult to access. And yet, the truth is that my favorite location is the one that my client suggests.

The Best Locations for Family Photos

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