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Sweet New Love & a Big Blended Family | Gambrills, Maryland

Heather and Marcus are living in a house with 10 animals. At least that’s what their daughter, Jessica said, since, in her words, humans are animals. Recently engaged, they are combining their families, each bringing three children into the home, a beautiful new home that they JUST moved into in Gambrills, Maryland. Lucky for me, that home backs up to woods that make the perfect backdrop for a fall family photo session.

Samantha, Morgan, Erica, Addison, Jessica and Julian all clearly love one another already, and truly enjoy making each other laugh. We wandered through the woods, taking in the gorgeous fall colors, talking about what the kids are proud of in their lives and what they are grateful for. I got the overwhelming feeling that I was with a family of artists, who enjoyed writing and drawing (and not school subjects like pre-cal at all, to which I could totally relate). The evening became most entertaining when the six of them got into a pyramid, that stayed up longer than expected but was just as entertaining tumbling down as going up!

I could see, and feel, how happy Heather and Marcus are, and their joy is infectious. After releasing the kids to go enjoy some of their well earned Halloween candy, Heather and Marcus hiked back into the woods to capture some photos of just the two of them. They were so sweet together and the happiness they have found in one another was apparent.

Gambrills Maryland Engagement Photos.jpg

Heather and Marcus, thank you for inviting me into your family’s life and allowing me to document your love for one another and your children. Samantha, Morgan, Erica, Addison, Jessica and Julian thank you for making me laugh, for traipsing through the woods with me and for good conversation about the things that are important to you in your lives. Your family is wonderful, and the love that you all radiate will surely make this world a better place.

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