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Sweet Fall Family Love | Severna Park, Maryland

Megan and John have such a beautiful home on the water in Severna Park, that it’s no wonder they wanted to capture some memories there. This time in their lives was especially important to them to document, as they are looking at a potential relocation and they’ve raised their two sweet little girls in this home.

Sloane and Colette were welcoming and playful when I arrived, and we started by exploring the woods behind their house. We found beautiful fall foliage and nature to explore, the girls explored by climbing and touching the leaves of various plants and trees. Then we wandered around front and walked the paths around their home, as we waited for the sun to sink a little lower in the sky.

There was no shortage of scenery, as the seagrass, the beach and the pier all provided beautiful backdrops for us to capture the moments, the love and connection. I truly loved documenting the details, Colette and Sloane’s hands in mom’s and dad’s. Megan and I talked about how we never know how long that will last, how long they will want to hold mom’s hand and so it was really important to me to capture those moments. The girls chatted about Colette’s upcoming birthday, what it’s like for Sloane to do school on the computer and what they both were for Halloween. It was such a pleasure to listen to them chatter and watch their love for one another and for their wonderful mom and dad.

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It was such a joy to spend a beautiful evening with this family, and document their family photos at their home in Severna Park. Megan and John, thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with your family and capture these precious moments for you. I wish you all the best of luck with the possibility of relocating, and if you do stay in the area, hope to see you all again soon!

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