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Do Your Own Front Porch Pictures

We are safe at home and the front porch pictures have become quite the trend for many reasons. Our houses are the center of our lives and our families, and now so more than ever.

As a family photographer in the Baltimore and Annapolis area, I cannot wait to get back to documenting family sessions. But for now, I’m doing my part to flatten the curve and staying home and enjoying my family time.

Social distancing may mean that you can’t have your photos taken professionally this spring, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be taking photos! Whether it means your spouse and you taking turns being in the photos with the kiddos and then handing the phone off to your oldest child to get a photo of the two of you, or propping your phone up and putting it on a timer, you absolutely should be documenting this family time. I have lots of ideas for you on documenting this crazy time in our lives, but the first is to take your own front porch photos. So grab your phone (or your camera) and show off your DIY front porch photos.

Stay home, stay safe and document your days.

2020-0329 front porch photos.jpg

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