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3 Amazing Mother’s Day Gifts that Also Support Your Family Photographer

Photography is a luxury service that many moms would love to have more of. More than once I’ve been told, let me have your business card so I can drop a hint to my husband for a Mother’s Day gift. Many photographers have had to reschedule sessions for now. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the perfect Mother’s Day gift and support your family photographer.

Purchase Prints from a Past Session

Let’s be honest . . . there is a good chance that if you only received digital images from your family session, those images are still living on your computer only. I always encourage my clients to PRINT YOUR PICTURES! The walls in your house should be filled with those happy moments, with images that bring you joy. So if you haven’t yet, contact your photographer to see if you can get a canvas, a wood print or a mounted print from your last session. Or ask them to design an album so you can peruse your favorites any time without pulling out your phone or computer.

Mendoza Prints.jpg

Purchase a Digital Product

Many photographers have had to find a way to pivot and offer a variety of products while we are social distancing from one another. One of my favorite trends is seeing a variety of ways to display your photos. Different collages are being created every day every day. Some photographers are getting creative with their Photoshop skills and creating yard signs and greeting cards for our time spent social distancing. Why not take some of those phone pictures you’ve been snapping and allow your photographer to arrange them into a beautiful display for you.

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Gift Certificates for all Kinds of Fun

We will return to a life where you can get your photos done again. A gift certificate for a future session is a wonderful way to show your photographer that you support them and can’t wait for them to capture more of your family moments. It’s also a wonderful gift for your wife or your mom, because you know she wants those memories captured and you’re telling her, hey, I’m willing to do this!

But there are other things you can buy a gift certificate for as well! Maybe for some of those prints or the digital products I mentioned before. Or maybe your family photographer offers camera lessons (I do!) and your mom’s camera has been collecting dust in the closet.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Social distancing and the economic impact that has come with this pandemic have been challenging. Finding the perfect gift and supporting a local small business doesn’t have to be. If you’re still searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift and want to support a local small business, contact your family photographer and ask about prints, digital products and gift certificates. The photography community (and your mom) will thank you!

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