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Sunset Family Fun | Severna Park, MD

Andrea, Elliott, Mac & Lulu first came to see me at the Christmas tree farm last year, where we played amongst the trees. This year, they decided they would like for me to come to them for a relaxed and fun backyard session, that included grandparents, Mac & Lulu’s Nonna & Shaw.

Andrea and Elliott live in a house that backs up to the Chartwell golf course, where they watch beautiful sunsets over the green. When I arrived on a perfect Friday evening, Mac and Lulu were full of energy as they showed me all of the fun things that they enjoy in their backyard. Nonna and Shaw were beaming at their grandkids and the whole family gathered together for laughs and cuddles.

Mac and Lulu were super sweet with one another, giving big hugs between dancing choruses of “Let It Go” as they ran through the yard with arms spread wide.

We briefly wandered out to the green between golfers, and took advantage of the wide open spaces, and then tucked into a small cove of trees to sing and dance some more. And on our way back into the backyard, Mac and Lulu took the time to show me their garden and harvest a few tomatoes that were just ripe for picking.

Back in the backyard, it was time for play, snuggles and kisses, and a little reward for doing so good during our photo session. The whole family was so much fun as we hung out on a beautiful evening, enjoying the sunset glow and fresh air.

Andrea and Elliott, thank you for trusting me to capture your family photos this year. Mac and Lulu, thank you for playing with me, and for making my Friday evening so much fun!

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