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A Second Chance at Lasting Love

When Rachel and Craig dated in their early 20s, it seemed that it wasn’t meant to be. They went their separate ways, followed their different paths and both created families of their own.

Years later, when Rachel found herself recently separated and decided she was ready to start dating again, she stumbled upon Craig’s profile on a dating app. She was, admittedly, hesitant to reach out, as Craig had broken up with her years before. But standing here today, she is glad she decided to give him a second chance (and so is he!) as they have finally found their dream come true, their meant to be.

Rachel and Craig planned their wedding for September 30th, 2022, an intimate private ceremony, surrounded by their families at a waterfront property in Annapolis. When I met them there on Friday afternoon, Rachel was having finishing touches done on her hair and makeup, and appeared to be happy and relaxed as she prepared for the evening. Craig also seemed to be filled with an inner joy and peace as he spent time with his daughter, Ella, and his father, waiting to get dressed in his suit for the evening ceremony.

Craig’s son, Max, helped him into his jacket and tucked his pocket square in, as Craig prepared to get his first glimpse of Rachel in her wedding dress. Rachel’s mom was beaming as she zipped Rachel into her dress, and she expressed how perfectly suited Rachel and Craig were for one another, a sentiment I overheard many family members convey throughout the night.

The couple met on the balcony for a first look that brought all of the emotions. They exchanged vows privately, vows that they had written for one another with all of their history and all of their shared love poured into every word. These moments were filled with both laughter and tears, and the feeling that they were both finally where they belong.

They had hoped to have their ceremony as the sun set behind them on the stone patio overlooking the water, but Hurricane Ian had us adjusting the plan. With just a light drizzle and cloudy skies here in Maryland, Rachel and Craig had a perfect ceremony on the covered balcony of the house, with spectacular views of the water behind them and their parents and their children around them.

They concluded the blending of their families with a unity sand ceremony. Rachel and Craig added colors of sand to a heart shaped vessel, followed by their children, Max, Ella, Maggie and Max, representing the creation of their union and their new family. Grace, Craig’s daughter, who had her flight waylaid by the hurricane, would be adding her sand when she joined them the following day, completing the ceremony.

Rachel and Craig, thank you for choosing me to document this beautiful and memorable occasion in your lives. Even having only spent a few hours with your families, I know your home will be filled with love and laughter every single day.

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